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Organize Your Desk With Magnets

By Scott Roewer | July 29th, 2008 | Comments »

November 2014 Update – According to the nice people at Dynomighty, Deskdots are no longer available. Dynomighty Design Inc. refers to these magnets as a “versatile desk accessory” that can be used as an organizer, picture holder, desk sculpture, business card holder and stress reliever. I agree, these Desk Dots can be used for organizing, […]


Shop Tax Free for Organizing Supplies in DC!

By Scott Roewer | July 29th, 2008 | Comments »

Mayor Fenty’s office just announced the District of Columbia will offer its second Sales Tax Holiday beginning Saturday, August 2 through Sunday, August 10. The 2008 Sales Tax holiday grants an exemption from the 5.75% sales tax for school supplies, clothes, shoes, and accessory items. To qualify, each item must be $100 or less. I […]


My iPhone Saved Me Over A Thousand Dollars!

By Scott Roewer | July 25th, 2008 | Comments »

I recently had drama with US Airlines while trying to return home from my vacation, but my iPhone saved the day and a huge amount of cash. I tried to check-in for my flight online the day before my return flight but received an error message saying the system was unable to process my login […]


Book Donations For A Cause

By Scott Roewer | July 18th, 2008 | Comments »

Donate and Make a Local Impact I love Books for America, a local organization in DC. They have the inspiring goal of building and improving libraries in area schools, shelters, and hospitals, supporting reading programs, and providing children in the Nation’s Capital with their first take-home books. The organization’s retail location, called ‘A Bookstore with […]


Opting Out Saves You From Unwanted Credit Offers

By Scott Roewer | July 15th, 2008 | Comments »

The volume of credit offers I see cluttering the homes of my clients is unreal! All the paper, postage, gasoline to move those letters, and time to deliver them is such a waste. Needless to say, they usually just go into the trash and fill our landfills. Take a stand and opt out of these […]


Marriott, Toilet Paper, and Excess

By Scott Roewer | July 14th, 2008 | Comments »

Can you ever been so organized that it is too much?  Do you know anyone who has labeled everything in their house?  Personally I think you can go too far with a label machine and today I learned the Marriott is label happy. I arrived at the Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida and had […]


Could You Live Like These Three Women?

By Scott Roewer | July 13th, 2008 | Comments »

I was recently flipping through Domino magazine’s February Issue, “The Organized Home!” which contained three advertisements that really caught my eye. The first ad was by Citi Cards featuring their ‘Whatever your story is’ ad campaign. Grace lives in a small apartment in the big city and doesn’t cook, so she used her Citi Card […]


Valuable Beatles Video Found in Garage

By Scott Roewer | July 12th, 2008 | Comments »

Film buff Richard Jeffs finally got around to cleaning his garage in South London, where he discovered a hidden treasurer that had been stashed in the corner for decades. Stacked in a dark, damp corner of his garage were 64 unmarked canisters, many rusted and damaged from years of neglect. With a bit of detective […]


5th Street Ace Hardware Makes A Good First Impression

By Scott Roewer | July 9th, 2008 | Comments »

On Sunday, June 29, I had the pleasure of attending the VIP Grand Opening of the new 5th Street Ace Hardware at 1055 5th Street NW. It’s located in the CityVista project in the heart of DC. In addition to over 9,000 square feet of retail space on two levels and more than 20,000 items […]


Trash Becomes Treasure – Recycled Art

By Scott Roewer | July 8th, 2008 | Comments »

DC has a very cool event each year titled Artomatic. It’s 1000 artist, displaying their work for 28 days and nights, all in one building, attracting over 50,000 visitors. The diversity of the artwork at this year’s event was amazing. I personally enjoyed all the artwork created with recycled objects. Over the next few weeks […]